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This website shows what I achieved as an Angel investor in FinTech.  I have now started a VC Fund, Assembly Capital Partners (ACP).  This means acting as an Angel investor is not an ongoing activity.  I loved it whilst I was doing it.  I kept learning all the time. I also met some hugely interesting people and some have become close friends.  I can't wait to work on delivering great returns to our LPs at ACP and I'm delighted to close this chapter of my life on such a positive note.

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In July 2015, I left a senior role at a large Bank to start out on my own as an Angel investor in FinTech.  I had no private equity or VC background.  However, I had a strong conviction that the startups I wanted to work with would value what I offered.  This was not so much money, which remains a commodity, but strategic advice based on years of experience and deep domain knowledge, strong networks across clients and potential hires; and, an enthusiastic commitment to the life and growth of the business.

I believed then—and believe more strongly now—that the VC industry today serves many potentially great startups very poorly and - not coincidentally - delivers generally poor returns to LPs.


I was delighted and honoured that because of the strength of the Angel portfolio I created, I received funding for a permanent capital specialist FinTech VC Fund.  ACP is now authorised and active and will shortly announce its first investments.

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