Assembly Capital Advisors will be a 100% FinTech-focused Venture Capital Fund.

We are active in European FinTech with a track record of strong advisory relationships and of helping growth firms to meet their funding objectives.


Assembly Capital Advisors has a strong B2B preference. We recognise the huge additional challenges in creating B2C businesses that scale effectively.

In particular, we believe many of the largest FinTech businesses will be partners of banking and insurance incumbents or utility type providers to the finance industry.



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Assembly Capital Advisors focuses on (amongst others):


  • InsurTech
  • Asset Management and Pensions
  • Investment Products for the HNW and Mass Affluent Markets
  • Unsecured Consumer Loans
  • Bridging Finance
  • Buy to Let Mortgages
  • SME Financing (in many forms)
  • Equity Crowdfunding
  • FinTech Solutions for Banks
  • Credit Scoring and Credit Management Services (for Consumers and Lenders)
  • Creative applications of blockchain
  • RegTech
  • Remittance / Payments

There are a number of sectors we currently exclude, for example:


  • Bitcoin and crypto-currency models (though, as stated, blockchain technology is a suggestive starting point in other applications)
  • Social Trading
  • FX
  • Robo Advisory


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