Michael Baptista


Michael has spent more than two decades in banking, much of that time as a financials specialist.  With his knowledge of the finance industry he brings experience in running businesses in multiple locations.  This includes the hard but rewarding business of turning around problem businesses and the hard, necessary and unrewarding experience of shutting the non-viable.


His move into FinTech stems from specialist knowledge and an intellectual belief that Finance is at the start of what will be a long process of disruption.  This will create huge winners and losers.  Michael also has the personal conviction that these structural changes are overdue and that the result over time will be a more efficient industry that delivers greater value to consumers and shareholders and rather less to those working in finance.


Michael's full profile is available on LinkedIn.

Ferdinando Samaria


Ferdinando is a computer scientist and investment banker with over 20 years of experience. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Trinity College, Cambridge, and is the author of one of the most cited papers in the area of computer face recognition. After working on image processing and multimedia applications at the Olivetti Research Laboratory in the mid 90s, he moved to Credit Suisse Financial Products where he started his career in the City. He was later hired by UniCredit as one of the founders of the Italian bank's investment banking arm where he covered senior global roles in trading and risk management with particular focus on complex derivatives.


Ferdinando has numerous publications in the areas of artificial intelligence and risk management. His current areas of interest include blockchain, machine learning and smart software applications for the financial industry.


More on Ferdinando's background is available on his LinkedIn profile.

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